Honey Goat Milk Soap
Honey Goat Milk Soap
Honey Goat Milk Soap

Honey Goat Milk Soap

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Honey Goat Milk Soap

Yes, it is essential to clean your skin regularly. But using the wrong cleansing agent can strip your skin of its essential oil. Leaving you with dry skin that breaks out easily and ages quickly.

Enjoy Flawless skin with natural ingredients!

Honey Goat Milk Soap cleanses your skin while providing it with intense hydration, blemish elimination, and anti-aging effect. So, you can take your showers while remaining assured of supple, youthful and radiant skin that does age quickly.

What Makes Our Soap Exceptional

  • Thoroughly but gently cleanses your skin without drying it out
  • It helps prevent acne and treat eczema
  • Suitable for all skin types - including babies
  • Detoxifies your skin to give you beautifully toned skin

Proven Ability to Fade Dark Spots

Honey Goat milk soap contains raw honey that has been proven to fade even the most stubborn dark spots, to give your skin a bright and even tone. It can also help you fade scars and even help your wounds heal faster. 


Key Ingredients: goat milk and raw honey

Fragrances: lavender, lemongrass and unscented

Color: may vary from white to off white, brownish because of the raw honey content.


One soap bar

Honey Goat Milk Soap...enjoy radiant skin with minimal effort.