Luxury Self Care Gift Box

Luxury Self Care Gift Box

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Enjoy the aroma of a lemongrass or lavender soy candle while exfoliating with a butter based body scrub.

No more standing in long lines or driving around to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. We have curated a luxury self care box for you. 

Lemongrass Self Care Box includes the following:

- 4 oz. lemongrass soy candle 

- 4 oz. exfoliating lemongrass scrub

- lemongrass cuticle butter

- mango lip butter 

- lemon eucalyptus soap ( limited edition)


Lavender Self Care Box includes the following: 

- 4 oz. lavender candle 

- 4 oz. exfoliating lavender  scrub

- lavender  cuticle butter

- lavender  lip butter 

- lavender & clary sage soap ( limited edition)